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The ultimate luxury in Mohair - The first hair-cuts of the baby goat give you the finest and softest curly mohair available.

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Limited Edition

A particular design & material combination with a pre-defined maximum limit to the number that will be produced.

This is the maximum and not necessarily the actual number that will be produced as the actual number may depend on demand and materials availability.

Each bear within an edition will be individually numbered (e.g. 1 of 6)

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Traditional Teddy Bear fabric made with yarn produced from the silky hair of the Angora goat.

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Soft Sculpt

Moulding a stuffed item by pulling it into shape through the use of additional stitches (also known as Needle Sculpting).

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Sold bears may still be available from one of our stockists.

Even though we no longer have any left ourselves this does not necessarily mean that you are out of luck - contact us for details of their last known whereabouts.

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